Together, let’s make a Stronger Houston for All.

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Provide long-term solutions, create lasting change, make Houston Stronger.

Imagine this: You’re a refugee forced to move from place to place for years, without a permanent home. Finally, you settle down in Houston. No family. No friends. You can’t speakthe language, so you can’t get a job. Your kids are struggling in school.

That’s where Amaanah comes in, to support these New Americans so that they can get ahead.

By supporting Amaanah, you can help New Americans from around the world who are making Houston their home, becoming successful community members, and making Houston a better place.

Past, Present and Future
From restructuring in 2019, surviving through COVID, preparing for growth and expansion in 2021, CEO Jida takes us on a journey from past, present, and future!

Big Sister Circle
A circle of Big Sisters supporting Little Sisters adapt to their new home, whether it be in learning English, finding a job, or just making friends

Amaanah Lions
Not just a soccer team, Amaanah Lions helps Houston refugees adapt to their new environment through soccer, supporting them as they build friendships, integrate into a new city and find their place in America.

Teach 360
The public school system is not enough, so Teach 360 looks at a student’s entire journey and
provides support and mentorship from elementary to college.

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Special Initiatives
Sometimes things happen that make us weaker, like the Pandemic. But, WE won’t let that happen. Amaanah’s special initiatives are activated to help Houstonians come together to make Houston Stronger!

Now imagine THIS: You’re a New American and a successful Houstonian with a good job, your kids are doing great in school, you spend time with the Amaanah English Speaking Club and made life-long connections through the Big Sister circle. With your English skills, you even befriended your neighbors. You’re making it, and you feel great. And you’re not alone. Immigrants are responsible for over 26% of Houston’s GDP. Without you, Houston would not be the same. You’re making Houston Stronger.

Stock donation is accepted, please connect with us for more information.