Kadir’s Story

From the LIONS to Lone Star College

Kadir joined the Amaanah Lions soccer team in 2020, having arrived in the US from Ivory Coast.

His parents always wanted him and his siblings to get the best education possible. They did not get the chance to attend school or get the higher education, so they do not want the same thing to happen to us.

“Education means everything to me,” says Kadir.

“Like Bob Marley said “Education is the key” I believe that it is a powerful tool we can use to improve ourselves as an individual, our community and why not the whole world. It is the reasons why I am devoted to my studies and will not let anything disturb me from this perspective.”

“I want to make my parents proud of me because they are doing a lot of sacrifices for my success. Moreover, I would like to say to myself ‘it was not easy but you made it’. Education is the only weapon I will use to achieve all my goals.”

Kadir’s long term goal is to get a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. He plans to get an Associates Degree of Science in Engineering Science first and then transfer to a four-year intuition for the rest of his education.

“I aspire to get these degrees in order to become a Mechanical Engineer, which is my career goal.”

In 2021 Kader was one of the first people to be awarded an Amaanah Scholarship, and was among the first group of four students to benefit from Amaanah’s relationship with Lone Star College.

He continues to play for the Amaanah Lions, and to speak and volunteer at Amaanah events. One day, he plans to be CEO of Amaanah.

  • "Education is the only weapon I will use to achieve all my goals." Kadir Kone

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