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Women’s Empowerment Services (WE)​

Women’s Empowerment Services (WE)

Women’s Empowerment Services (WE) providing life skills to female immigrants through life skills solutions.

The Women’s Empowerment (WE) program works with women from various backgrounds to achieve stability within the home. Through WE Amaanah has provided supplemental rental assistance, ESL classes and employment assistance, food assistance, home transformations, and assistance for expecting mothers. This program seeks to help migrant women connect with available resources, attain gainful employment, and develop a strong social support system to aid in community integration.

Initially, the Women’s Empowerment program started with the client base, however it continues to grow. Low-income families looking to acclimate to their new community, improve their English language and eventually find a job have found WE to be a strong foundation of support as they build confidence and a pathway to earning a living wage. Through Amaanah’s refugee services, new Americans become more self-dependent as they adapt to their life in Houston.

Big Sister Circle

Empowering women through continuous connection

What began a decade ago as a basic needs program for women has expanded to include strategies for thriving in America, rather than merely surviving. In its current iteration, our Big Sister Circle connects female immigrants and refugees with Houston women.

Each program participant is paired with a Houstonian who speaks her native language of Arabic, Farsi, Spanish, Pashto, Vietnamese, etc. At least once a week, Big Sisters guide Little Sisters toward resources and opportunities in their new country. Additionally, Big Sisters help these new Americans improve their English, prepare for job interviews, and navigate Houston. From health-care access to building a resumé, our mentors simplify what can be overwhelming tasks for immigrants or refugees.

Success Metrics:

Amaanah reached out to more than 400 families to offer support during the Covid-19 crisis. As a result, Amaanah has served more than 250 families (and counting) through financial assistance, food distributions and other types of services.

On their journey to autonomy, we support these new American citizens with grocery stipends and financial support. Thanks to Amaanah’s services—and donations from warm-hearted humans like you—these women continue to gain self-sufficiency as they adapt to life in Houston. Ultimately, Little Sisters become independent, graduate from the program, and become Big Sisters who are assisting the next generation of immigrant and refugee women.

To volunteer or donate to the the Big Sister Circle, please contact us or click on a button below.