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Teach 360

Where Language Becomes a Bridge, not a Barrier

Language can keep us apart…or bring us together.

Teach 360 was created to provide one of the most critical needs, language proficiency. Language, while it brings us together, can also be the thing that keeps us apart. A shared language affects someone’s ability to interact with others and their ability to learn and “fit in” with their new surroundings, having serious effects on children’s mental health and social skills down the road. 

New American children have made huge strides through our Teach 360 program. Through this program, we offer tutoring and mentoring services to refugee students in-school via the Houston Independent School District.

Our students receive long-term support because we follow their entire academic journey from elementary to high school. Many of our tutors often come from within the Amaanah community, so we are able to provide keen insight and support for the challenges our Teach 360 students encounter.

In addition to linguistics, our vision is to help provide holistic services through partnerships with families, communities and schools to address other ways we can help bridge any learning gaps.

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Finding Pride on the Soccer Field

Amaanah supports a youth boys soccer league, the Amaanah Lions, composed exclusively of refugees.

The game of soccer dates back more than 2,000 years ago to ancient China, even though Greece, Rome, and parts of Central America also claim to have started the sport. However, it was the British that eventually transitioned the game to what we know today. It is this dep history that inspired this program, offering a familiar sport to a diverse population of youth.

The name of the team is based on the term, “pride,” a group of African lions, which have been admired throughout time as symbols of bravery, courage, and strength.

The goal of the team is to help teens adapt to their new environment through a productive soccer program that supports them while they become acclimated in Houston and build friendships. The athletic program has created a community support system for the boys and their families, helping to improve their sense of social connectedness and overall health. We are currently working toward expanding this program to the next stage which is providing mentoring, support for college admissions, and vocational training.

In 2021, the first educational scholarships were awarded to candidates from the Amaanah Lions, furthering our commitment to support their pathway to education and success.

Success Metrics:

In 2021, the first educational scholarships were awarded to candidates from the Amaanah Lions, furthering our commitment to support their pathway to education and success.

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When it comes to building a career a college education is essential. Many of the youth at Amaanah are approaching a time in their lives when they need to make important decisions about higher education.

In 2021, we developed a scholarship program for the Amaanah Lions, funded by private and corporate donors in order to make college a reality for many of the players who show genuine commitment to the team, studies and Amaanah. We are extending the scholarship program to reach our other youth programs for all genders in 2022.

Success Metrics:

In 2020 we awarded $50,000 to help ten students afford higher education.

With the help of our donors and support of our community, our goal is to continue and grow our scholarship fund to include all youth involved at Amaanah who seek financial support for higher education.

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