Everyone deserves equal access to the American dream.

We believe that refugees and immigrants deserve to thrive in America, not merely survive.

To make this a reality in Houston, we offer education, relief, mentorship, and athletic programs for a truly 360-degree approach to assimilation.

Our attitude towards immigration reflects who we are as a community. By coming together and helping new Americans, we are honoring our ancestors and uniting a stronger nation. Through your donations and volunteer hours, we can reach our goals and continue to grow.

Amaanah Refugee Services serves a vital role in Houston

One in six Texans today is an immigrant or a child of one,[1] and at Amaanah, we’re embracing Houston’s growing cultural diversity. Our mission is to provide refugee and immigrant families in the Houston area with a compassionate approach to assimilation.

While other refugee services focus heavily on relief and social welfare, Amaanah specifically addresses barriers—such as social isolation and child-learning gaps—that affect assimilation. And with less than 1% of American grants and NGO funding now going to organizations that serve immigrants and refugees,[2] Amaanah has stepped up to provide educational and community resources for Houston’s most vulnerable.

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What We Do

Since research shows that it takes at least seven years for the average immigrant family to assimilate in America,3 we provide support to families every step of the way. From education and career resources to mentorship and social skills, Amaanah Refugee Services takes a holistic approach to assistance.

Where proficiency in English builds a foundation for success.

The Emergency Relief Fund provides year-round relief for families and individuals who are struggling with basic human needs such as food or hygiene products.

Where soccer provides teens with a portal for building communication and teamwork along with physical strength.

Where female immigrants and refugees are paired with Houston women for help navigating their new city, strengthening their English skills, and pursuing a career.

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[3] Rice Kinder Institute for Urban Research