Our Team

Amaanah’s staff is lean, agile and supported by a dedicated team of volunteers.

Amaanah employs just four full time members of staff, depending on a committed team of volunteers and an engaged Board of Directors to ensure that overhead is kept at a minimum, and that the highest proportion possible of the funds we raise go directly to support our programs.



Jida Nabulsi


Maria De Grazia

program Manager

Dr. Megan Bucher

Program Manager

Ronda Rhodes

Program Coordinator

Rezhamin Amin

Program Coordinator

Yousif Abushabaan

Program Coordinator

Amaanah Lions

Amine Amrouni

Head Coach, Amaanah Lions

Tayeb Ahmadi

Assistant head Coach
Amaanah Lions

idris amrouni


Senior Volunteers

David Thanoon

Coach, Amaanah Lions

Chakir Cherif

Coach, Amaanah Lions


Coach, Amaanah Lions

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