IMPACT: Your Donations at Work

Every dollar YOU DONATE funds CRITICAL support for refugees in Houston

Amaanah’s impact on the refugee community is profound, offering vital support and resources to those in need.

With a small team and low overheads, Amaanah’s efforts yield significant results, providing refugees with essential services such as housing, education, healthcare, and employment assistance.

Your donation plays a crucial role in amplifying Amaanah’s impact, allowing us to reach more individuals and families facing displacement and adversity. With every contribution, Amaanah can continue its mission of empowering refugees to rebuild their lives with dignity and resilience, making a tangible difference in their journey toward a brighter future.

$55 to OUR Relief PROGRAM

Provides one hot meal for a family of four


$150 to OUR Relief PROGRAM

Provides a family with a grocery stipend for one month


$180 to amaanah lions

Supports an Amanah Lion by providing team kit, transport and coaching for one month.

$350 to teach 360

One month of support for refugee students, including educational material and other critical supplies.

$350 to OUR Relief PROGRAM

Provides relief support (hot meals, hygiene kits, jackets, fresh produce and more).

$400 to big sisters circle

Provides one month of support to vulnerable women, strengthening their English skills, and helping them pursue a career.

$1,500 for emergency relief

Our emergency relief programs deliver critical assistance to newly arrived families in dire need. This includes food, housing, transport, clothing and educational supplies.

Recent beneficiaries include multiple families from Gaza who have arrived in Houston with just backpacks and the clothing they travelled in.

$5,000 scholarship program

Funds a scholarship for one person to attend a community college or vocational training in Houston, setting young people up for successful and independent lives.