Amaanah Services at Refugee Health Fair

Amaanah Services supported the annual Refugee Health Fair organized by Baylor College of Medicine, Students for Refugees and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on Saturday 2 June 2024.

The all-day event attracted over 100 refugees and their families who were able to take advantage of a range of services including blood pressure screening, blood sugar screening and eye screening. Children were able to get immunizations and complete vaccination cards.

“Many of these kids are behind on their immunization schedules and they need to catch up to comply with school enrollment requirements” said Mohammad Bayan, Community Engagement Manager for Amaanah, who attended the event, “Thanks to Baylor College they are able to get up to date”.

Bayan and other volunteers from Amaanah were there to help with food and nutrition advice, support for women, and information about English classes. They provided information about Amaanah’s programs for women, children in early through to students in higher education, and the opportunities offered through physical education, such as our soccer program for refugee youth (Amaanah Lions).

“These services help refugees grow confidence so that they can settle and thrive here.”  explains Bayan, “Our Women’s Empowerment Program provides emotional support to mothers and women as they adjust to living in Houston – it helps connects them with a wider community so that they feel less alone”.

The Amaanah team included Amin Rezhamin, a volunteer coordinator supporting the Women’s Empowerment and Relief Programs.

Amaanah’s  Scholarship Program was also promoted, for refugee men and women (applications close on June 20). The Scholarship Program provides funds to help refugees gain access to, and continue their educational studies.


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