Community gathers for the first Ramadan Hope Bazaar

On Saturday 17th a large crowd of our friends and supporters gathered for a day filled with joy, fellowship, and shopping. This special event brought together vendors and shoppers from across the community.

Throughout the day, volunteers worked tirelessly to support our staff and deliver a memorable day for everyone.

“It’a been a hugely successful start to what we hope will become an annual event,” said Jida Nabulsi, Amaanah’s CEO.

“What made this event truly special was the participation of over thirty local artists and artisans, representing a rich tapestry of talent from our community. These creative individuals and businesses brought their unique offerings to the bazaar, infusing it with a distinctive charm and flair that captivated attendees and showcased the richness of our local culture and craftsmanship.”

As visitors strolled through the bustling marketplace, they were greeted by a kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and styles, each stall offering something new and exciting to discover. Whether it was a handcrafted piece of jewelry, a beautifully woven garment, or a striking piece of artwork, there was no shortage of treasures to admire and purchase.

But beyond the allure of shopping and browsing, the Ramadan Hope Bazaar served a higher purpose. It was a platform for community engagement and a way to promote these small businesses to new customers, while promoting Amaanah to a wider audience.

We hope you’ll join us for more events like this.


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