A Soccer Program for Refugees in Houston

We’re here to help young refugees play soccer

Amaanah Lions is a free soccer program for refugees in Houston. We offer training and competitive play to young people aged between 16 and 22, who don’t otherwise have access to organized sport.

We began our program in 2013 when a group of soccer fans from Algeria, France, Mexico, Egypt and England came together to offer coaching to a group of young refugees from Nepal.


How to JOin OUR Soccer Program for Refugees in Houston

Anyone is welcome to join us. While our primary goal is to provide free soccer to refugees, we also cater for other disadvantaged members of the Houston community. We never turn anyone away.

You can sign up at the Amaanah Lions website,¬†We’ll look forward to hearing from you.


We play soccer in the Houston HFA League

Our two teams play on Sundays at Bear Creek Pioneers Park and you’re welcome to come and watch us whenever you like. Practice takes place on Friday evenings at Bayland Park.

The Amaanah Lions have won three Championships in the HFA and have been promoted every year since our first year in the league in 2014.

Unlike any other soccer program for refugees in Houston, our program is funded by generous donors and is completely free for the players.


soccer players from the refugee soccer program

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